M a g a z i n e
M a g a z i n e
23.Feb 2024 | 8:00 pm
Trickster Residency Ludwigshafen

Unlearning Listening!

DATE: 2020/08/07

The Trickster Orchestra’s dramaturg, Elisa Erkelenz, and our artistic co-director, Ketan Bhatti, in conversation with Julian Stahl about outernational music and the dominance of white music in our concert halls.

Together, they reflect on the strategies that make deep artistic exchange possible and how we sometimes have to trick ourselves for this. Find the PODIUM-Podcast here.


Elisa Erkelenz #bebeethoven-Profil: https://bebeethoven2020.com/fellows/elisa-erkelenz 

Outernational: https://van-outernational.com 

Spotify-Podcast-Playlist: https://bit.ly/podiumpodcast-play