P r o j e c t s
P r o j e c t s
30.Mar 2023 | 7:00 pm
Limitinage EN
Trickster Residenz Ludwigshafen
01.Apr 2023 | 8:00 pm
Amphiphilie EN
Trickster Residenz Ludwigshafen

Divan Berlin–İstanbul EN

TransPositions between Poetry and Music

“Text is not just translated into another language of words, but into the language of music. The musicians perform translation and interpretation on multiple levels driven by curiosity.”

Das Orchester Magazine, 2019

Outstanding poets and soloists of contemporary music fashion new realms of musical experience between two metropolises. German meets Turkish poetry as kanun, saz, and kemenche encounter trombone, electronics, and double bass. Berlin and İstanbul are cities of experimental words and sounds nourishing the imagination. Musicians and poets from both cities collaborate to mimic each other’s languages and to create shapeshifting new pieces.

For Divan Berlin–İstanbul, members of Trickster Orchestra join together with members of Hezarfen Ensemble and six poets to unearth artistic forms between music, sound, electronics, and poetry.


Vocals & Marimba Cymin Samawatie
Bass Clarinet & Electronics Milian Vogel
Trombone Florian Juncker
Flute & Contrabass Flute Tilmann Dehnhard
Electronics Korhan Erel
Electronics Simon Stockhausen
Double Bass Ralf Schwarz
Drums Ketan Bhatti
Vocals Sumru Ağıryürüyen
Viola Ulrich Mertin
Violin Özcan Ulucan
Kanun Serkan Halili
Kemenche Neva Özgen
Saz Erdem Şimşek
Kavala Serkan Şener
Flute Cem Önertürk
Poets (Berlin) Matthias Göritz
Nadja Küchenmeister
Monika Rinck
Poets (İstanbul) Efe Duyan
Gonca Özmen
Gökçenur Ç.
Video Art Roman Hagenbrock